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This Fellow Could Sure Use a Hug!

Plush Seal

Look at this seal we just got in from Melissa and Doug! He looks like he could use a hug! Or just a person whose room he could hang out in during the day and sleep in at night. That would be fine too. But a hug would really just be stellar.

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Awesome August Pencil Sale!

Regular Pencils
It’s officially back to school time! It can be overwhelming for parents, teachers, and kids alike to get ready for those first few weeks of school. But even with the rush of planning going on for those first few weeks, it is easy to forget about the rest of the school year that will be upon us before we know it!

Do yourself a favor this August, take a few minutes to think ahead to the upcoming holidays and events that you could use some pencils for this school year for your or your child’s classroom. We are talking Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, 100th Day of School, and even standardized testing days! Why is it helpful to think of these far off holidays and events in August? Why, because there is a rocking pencil sale on here at ABC & Toy Zone where you can get pencils to celebrate these events at a great price!
Holiday Pencils

All individual theme pencils (regular price $0.30, excludes Birthday, Grade Level, and Student of the Week as well as jumbo pencils) are $0.15 each! That’s a 50% savings! Furthermore, if you purchase 144 pencils (mix and match, excluding Birthday, Grade Level, and Student of the week as well as jumbo pencils) and you get them for $0.10 each! That’s 144 pencils for $14.40! What a great way to stock up for a class party! Come in and check out our Awesome August Pencil Sale Today!

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Crazy Day Clearance Sneak Peak: Shhhh No Telling!

We are all pumped here at ABC & Toy Zone for our Crazy Day event starting at 9:00 am tomorrow! If you aren’t familiar with Crazy Days, it is a one day sale where everything in the store is on sale and we have tables that are stuffed with teacher and toy clearance! It is a great chance for teachers to grab those final few necessities, for parents and grandparents to get a jump on birthday and holiday shopping, and for kids to spend some of that hard earned allowance money!

To tide you all over during these last few hours before Crazy Days, I thought I would give blog readers a little sneak preview of our clearance section in Burnsville! Please note that clearance stock will vary by location. With that said, enjoy this special preview!

Hello, Playmobil! The only thing better than Playmobil? Sale Playmobil!

spanish letters
Spanish magnetic letters! Someone is going to have a rocking white board or fridge.

Trains. You can never have too many!

Speaking of things that are better on sale, LEGO!

You can never have too much sparkle!

Rainy days better be on the lookout! Jingo is here to save the day!

Alex Kits
One final item for your consideration, Alex craft kits! Lots of cool projects and the perfect size for a birthday gift or camp care package.

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Things Are Getting a Little “Frozen” at ABC & Toy Zone!

Frozen Dresses
We are so excited to finally have these amazing costumes in at ABC & Toy Zone! Look at these beautiful costume dresses! Not only are they gorgeous, they are machine washable! What a great gift for the special princess in your life. However, due to high demand and limited quantities of these dresses, we highly recommend you contact your local ABC & Toy Zone to check for quantity and size availability.

Also, if you are a little hungry after a long afternoon of imaginary princess play, Frozen Jelly Belly candies are just the ticket!

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Join us for a Brio Play Day!

Brio Play Date Image
We are super excited here at ABC & Toy Zone to be hosting Brio Play Days at three of our stores this July! Here are the dates below.

Monday, July 14th Chanhassen 10 am to 12 pm
Tuesday, July 15th Burnsville 10 am to 12 pm
Tuesday, July 29th Rochester 10 am to 12 pm

Brio Kids Play

What is really special about Brio Play Days is that it gives kids a chance to play with a ton of track and trains! For each of these events, a gated “coral” will be set up. Within the coral, there will be two huge suitcases of track pieces and trains for kids to play with. What a fun opportunity for young train enthusiasts to build and play together! This event will be great for children ages 3 to 8.

Look at all of those trains!
Look at all of those trains!
Look at all this track!
Look at all this track!

Furthermore, each child who attends this event will receive a free train to take home!

Not to mention, if you choose to make a purchase on the day of the event, we have a coupon for you to use! Feel free to print this off and bring in, or just take a picture of it with your smart phone that you can show when you check out. For each $25 Brio purchase you make, you get to enter a drawing to win a Brio train set!
Brio Coupon

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Thank You Thursday: A Tribute to Perplexus Warp!

Perplexus Warp
Thank you Perplexus Warp, for being the perfect size for a family road trip. It might be hot outside, but sitting in the car with the air conditioning going, the scenery flying by, and a Perplexus Warp in hand, vacation is a beautiful thing. Thank you Perplexus Warp, because 80 challenges and obstacles should keep the kiddos busy all the way to our destination!

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Awesome New Product Alert: Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty!

Okay, I am legitimately excited to share this product with all of you. For the longest time in our Burnsville store, we have had the little tins of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. I always like to describe Thinking Putty as “Silly Putty with special effects”. Well, this new batch of large tins of Thinking Putty brings this to a whole new level. Take a scroll below to check out pictures and descriptions of this awesome putty! It makes the perfect gift for children and adults! (I can speak from experience, I have given these large tins to many grownups and they have been a hit every time.)

Besides sounding awesome, Phantoms Thinking Putty is UV Reactive. Each tin of Phantoms Putty comes with a small keychain black light. Simply expose the putty to the black light and it will change color! You don’t even have to be in an dark or dim space, the black light will work even in well lit conditions. Even better, because of the way that you have to hold the keychain to activate the black light, it is a great way for kids to practice how to grip a pencil and write their letters, etc. The only difference is that instead of writing with a pencil and lead, they are holding a keychain and writing with light. How cool is that!

Super Illusions
Super Illusions Thinking Putty includes cool colors like Super Oil Slick and Super Lava. This type of putty is sort of hard to describe, but I’ll try. Think about an actual oil slick in a parking lot. Although the oil is a brownish black, when the sunlight catches it you see a rainbow of other colors. Well, Super Illusions putty does something really similar. The putty sort of reflects other colors as it is pulled and played with. I can speak with experience on this one, as I own the Super Oil Slick personally, this stuff is really cool. Seriously.

Super Magnetic
If you have a little free time in your day, I highly recommend taking a trip over to YouTube and taking a look at all of the awesome videos users have posted showing Super Magnetic Putty in action. I can not get over how cool this stuff is! Place a metal object on your Super Magnetic Putty and watch it be sucked up by the putty! What a cool way to introduce kids to the concept of magnetism! This putty also comes with a magnet, so you don’t need to worry about any of your refrigerator magnets being commandeered for play in your magnetic putty.

Hypercolor Thinking Putty is a oldie but a goodie. Simply put, the putty changes color as it is warmed by your hands as you play. So simple but so fun!

Glow in the Dark
Glow in the Dark putty
Speaking of oldies but goodies, who doesn’t love a little glow in the dark every now and then. Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty practices what it preaches. Charge it up by a window and let it glow! This putty is also a little translucent, in my experience, which is sort of nifty.

Final Thoughts
A couple of reasons that Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty might just be the toy for you!
– Made in the USA!
– Makes a great fidget
– Good way to build hand strength
– You get a nice big handful in each tin
– Never dries out!

Come in and check out our great selection of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Today!

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Painting with Annie in Chanhassen!

Painting with Annie

Come and join us in Chanhassen on Friday, July 25th from 10 am to 12 pm for our first Paining with Annie class! Students will paint this beautiful Enchanted Fairy Tree! Cost for this event is $20 (cash only). Payment is due at time of registration. This event is recommended for children ages 7+. Space is limited, so stop in our Chanhassen store today to save your spot!