Have you gotten out to enjoy this beautiful spring weather yet? Well don’t wait any longer! Check out these awesome Fire Fox Gliders we got in! They soar through the air with a simple toss. These foam planes have bounce back technology, even when they take a hard nose dive, they will just simply bounce and do no harm to the plane! They are flexible and easy to assemble. Make yours do a loop and return to you, or have it glide across you back yard. Great fun for kids and adults!

The lightning will light up, for night time fun!
The lightning will light up, for night time fun!
Want to paint your own? You can! Want to change it? You can! Soak it in water, peel the paint off, and paint it again!
Want to paint your own? You can! Want to change it? You can! Soak it in                     water, peel the paint off, and paint it again!



CRAZY Times with CRAZY Aaron!

We are incredibly thankful to Crazy Aaron for giving us the once in a life time opportunity this past Tuesday, when he took the time out of his crazy, busy life to visit us in our Chanhassen location!

crazy aaron 3crazy aaron 1


He brought along a 25 lb ball of Super Oil Slick Putty

It was fun watching him demo all the ways to squeeze, stretch, tear, and bounce!

He even got to meet his biggest fan! 90 tins, that’s AMAZING!

We are so THANKFUL to ALL who came out!

photo 1 (3)photo 2 (2)

Is that Steve or Mario?

Cheapest Laminating in Town!

I absolutely love the look of posters after they have been laminated,

the color just pops and can make an old poster look new again!

Maybe you have art projects that your child created that you would like to save, let us laminate them!

Now would be the perfect time to get your Senior Posters laminated, and while you are at it, bring in the posters they want to hang in their dorm room!

At only 10 cents an inch for our 3 mil laminate, it can’t be beat!

**AQUARELLUM** Paint on the Watercolor and let the “Magic Canvas” do the rest!

   This is a SUPER fun, SUPER easy art project for all ages. Even the amateur adult painter will enjoy painting with the Aquarellum Paint Sets. A guide is included with each one, explaining exactly how to achieve the beautiful and vibrant colors! Don’t like being told how to paint your pictures with numbers? That’s fine! It’s completely up to your imagination how you want your picture to look. The wax on the paper makes it so the paint is resistant outside of the lines. They come in many different sizes and variety of pictures. Whether you are looking for cute cats and elephants that are simple enough for a 5 year to do, or a more intricate picture of under the sea or even a beautiful peacock. We have your selection at all four ABC & Toy Zone locations!

Watch how easy it is to paint with Aquarellum here:

It’s a Q-BA-Maze Kind of Day!

We are having a dreary day here in Burnsville. Apparently, October is trying to live up to its name. Well, we decided to combat the rainy day by building a new Q-BA-MAZE demo for our customers to try out!

As many Q-BA-MAZE fans know, you can actually go to and you actually print of building plans for a whole bunch of different mazes! We selected the Moose Maze Plan and, as you can tell from the picture below, it turned out pretty great.

My co-worker Winnie and the awesome Moose Maze she built!
My co-worker Winnie and the awesome Moose Maze she built!

If you happen to stop in to check our our Moose Maze, be sure to check out some of the new Q-BA-MAZE products. The line has expanded to include some great new colors in their Spectrum (120 piece) and the Big Box Bright Colors collection (72 piece).
Here is the awesome Spectrum Color box!
Here is the awesome Spectrum Color box!

Here is the Bright Color Big Box!
Here is the Bright Color Big Box!

Schleich Advent Calendars Now Avaiable!

Schleich Advent calendars
Brand new in stores this week, we have two great Schleich Advent Calendars! One calendar is farm themed and the other is horse stable themed. The best part is that each calendar features two exclusive Schleich figurines! For all of the collectors out there, I suggest making a trip to purchase yours today! We have extremely limited quantities. Call your local store for availability or to purchase over the phone.

Cool Craft Friday: Aquarellum!

Aquarellum Fish
Check out this beautiful Aquarellum fish! After reading the instructions, this fish took me about 20 minutes to paint. For my first try, I am pretty impressed with the results. The special Aquarellum water color paper comes with pre-printed designs so you get a really gorgeous piece without difficulty. I mean, look at that detail! Look at those super bright colors!
Aquarellum Shelf
Aquarellum makes Junior kits for artists ages 5+ and standard kits for artists 8+. With themes including owls, fairies, and dragons, these kits make great gifts for boys and girls alike. Not to mention, it was even fun for me as an adult. Between mixing colors and painting this beautiful picture, it was a very relaxing activity.